E-tendering is a process where the complete tendering, from advertising to receiving and submitting the tender related data are done through internet. This enables firms function more efficiently and effectively by eliminating the traditional paper based transactions. E-Tenders in the public sector have seen rapid growth in recent years.

Benefits of E-tendering

E- Tendering system developed by Novel-digital India, replace the manual paper-based tendering process to save time and money. E-Tendering system offered by us has opportunity for automating most of the tendering processes. The following are the benefits of E-Tendering:

  • Reduction of paper trail on tendering process, reducing cost both to buyer and supplier
  • Reduction in labor intensive task of receipt, recording and distribution of tender submissions.
  • Better audit trail improving transparency and integrity of tendering process
  • Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response
  • Reduced tender process time
  • Faster response to question and other point of clarification during the tender period.
  • Provision of quality management information

Implementing an E-Tendering system is profitable in all levels of an organization. E-Tendering system by Novel-digital India offers improved spends visibility, control and help financial officers to match purchase with purchase orders.

E-procurement projects are often country’s larger E-government efforts to better serve its citizens and businesses in a digital way. If you are opting for E-Tendering system for your business, Connect with Novel-digital India for best services.