Corporate & Business Registration

Registration is the primary thing for any business during incorporation. Corporate and business registration is very important as it secures your business and protects your rights against third party. Failing to register your company you may have to face legal consequences.

Why Corporate and Business registration is important

Business registration is the process of obtaining legal authorization to conduct business. Business registration is simple with Novel-digital India if you want to incorporate your business as a company.

  • Business registration is incredibly necessary as it establishes the business as a legal entity. Without registration your company can’t be considered legally and will not be protected under any grievances procedure.
  • Business registration is important for getting loan from bank. Bank doesn’t give loan to the unregistered company.
  • Nowadays it is very important to obtain a brand name. Brand name is one of the valuable assets for any business. So before getting a brand name you have to register your company
  • To gain trust of your customers and boost your company’s credibility in the market it important to register your company under company registration act.
  • It is also important in hiring employees for your company, because nobody wants to work with an unregistered company
  • It is your duty to register your business under GST laws; it is mandatory for those whose turnover is more than 20lakh rupees, failing to which you have to face legal troubles.

You are being benefited in every way by getting your business registered. There is a lot of things that is being considered for business registration. We provide you corporate and business registration services to make your business hassle-free for you. So, if you are planning a start-up, you should register it, for getting the best service you can contact Novel-digital India.